Who is available to handle your after hours questions?                                                                                      SMS CHATBOT 🤖 WILL BE...


SMS ChatBot is a ONE OF A KIND Conversation Marketing automated sales and lead capture attendant that uses the latest texting technologies and runs on complete autopilot. Set it and forget it! Sit back and watch your leads come in while also shortening the sales cycle for your product or service.

It works for you 24/7, and if you have your own account, it's very easy to setup and very customizeable.  You will start generating more leads and sales in less time than you expected.  It's an effective and easy way to build a huge subscriber list fast ~ better than email marketing with up to a 95% open rates on your message broadcasts.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to start!

Collect a Prospect's Information

Highly effective in gathering leads with notification of each subscriber.

Laser Targeted Prospects

Capture prospects who are interested in your product or service.

Automated Chat Responses

Your 24/7 assistant which carries on a conversation with prospects.

Collect Leads Faster

Making it easy for prospects to request information which is delivered instantly.

Example Flows... press▶️below 

Text "report" 

This is a Home Inspection business example. Business is notified when someone requests information. System can collect telephone number, name and address. Leads can then be passed to the Listing Agent or Home Seller.

Text "house"

This is an Open House example.  Realtor/Home Owner can collect prospect buyer's telephone number and name, as well as, deliver future times and links to property walk-through video or photos.

Restaurant ~ Free Starter offer



Drive more customers by offering various time sensitive offers such as oil change discounts, new tire purchase coupons and more. 


Mobile coupons get 10X the redemption rate of traditional coupons.

Pizza Shop

Drive on demand foot traffic into your doors with offering exclusive, limited time coupons/offers etc.

Open Houses

Provide Open House times to buyers, send new listing alerts or price drop notifications.


Sell your home faster by delivering instant details on the property.  Share walk-through videos, notify prospects of price changes, open house events, capture prospect buyer interests and much more.

Is your business slow?

SMS ChatBot will change that.

Want to sell faster?

Deliver product / service info instantly.

Signs not converting?

You can't sell, rent fast or collect leads because your sign has issues?  1) They are hard to read 2) Prospects may be hesitant to call the number on the sign.  Now you can deliver information to prospects on demand, instantly with SMS texting. They'll call you as soon as you deliver the details to them.  With OUR SYSTEM + A SMALL AJUSTMENT IN YOUR SIGN, YOU WIN!! 💥 💥 💥

See it in action, DEMO: text "rent" to 941-623-9898

sms marketing delivers results

Making SMS ChatBot another tool in your marketing arsenal will give the you the ability to sit, relax and enjoy the automated process of collecting leads and selling with SMS. You'll be notificed everytime a prospects interacts with your SMS ChatBot.

Time is money...

Potential customers, buyers, sellers, prospects all need information on your products or services immediately.  Now you can deliver it on demand and instant!

On demand traffic system

Restaurants, Bars, Spa, Cafes, Gyms, Car Washes, Ice Cream Shop and more...flood your doors with customers when business is slow, on-demand or booming.

Seeking more leads & sales?

We do not make guarantees, however, you can count on SMS ChatBot to provide you the most economical and effective way to achieving huge results. Expect 95% open rates and 90% click rates.

  • Highly target mobile list
  • Sell with SMS texting
  • 10x more results than email
  • Prospects who are interested in your offers responds ~ no pressure sales

Launch prices (will not last )

We offer programs right for your budget, month to month. After purchasing a plan, you will be directed to fill-out an intake form.

STARTER ~ $77/mth

  • Lease 1 Local Number
  • 1  Custom Chatbot Flow
  • Instant Notifications
  • 2 Mass Re-Broadcast Limit mthly
  • Store up to 500 contacts
  • QR Code
  • Exported Lead list in XLS

PLATINUM PLAN ~ $197/mth*

  • 5 Local Numbers
  • 5 Custom Chatbot Flows
  • Store up to 10000 contacts
  • 2 Mass Re-Broadcasts Limit mthly
  • Instant Notifications
  • QR Code + Website Lead Widget
  • Exported Lead list in XLS

*An individual Twilio account is required to use our Gold and Platinum Plan SMS Automated Chat Messenging systems. Please visit Twilio.com for more information. e.g. of SMS Texting cost: 500 text messages (incoming/outgoing) is $3.75 US (.0075c x 500) For use in USA ONLY.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get one local telephone number on lease to drive exposure to your product or service.  We will set up your chatbot flow according to your business need. You are responsible for your own signage. We will help you with the verbage.

No, we offer month to month subscription programs, so you can cancel at anytime. Upgrade anytime, no strings!

SMS ChatBot is a unique, one of a kind conversational marketing system.  Most other systems just broadcast and auto-responds to short requests.  With our system, logical conversational flows can be designed allowing for full, natural and effective customer engagements, while collecting the Users' data along the way (email, name, number and much more) We do not guarantee outcomes and results.  Additionally, SMS ChatBot offers tons of other features.

After setting up a SMS ChatBot flow, we can provide you the website widget snippet code (Starter Plan excluded) add to your Website, Landing Page, Blog, Social Media etc. to start capturing text leads.

No, if you've subscribed to our Starter Program. Yes, if you are subscribed to one of our Gold or Platinum Subscriber Account Programs. With any one of those SMS marketing systems, you must have your own Twilio Account (twilio.com) to facilitate the SMS texting services.  

Because of the nature of our service, we do not offer refunds, however, you are encouraged to use the remaining subscription time for the month to your benefit. 

To cancel your account simply send an email to support@smschatbot.com. Be sure to include the email of which you registered your SMS ChatBot account.  Please provide us any feedback if you have to go so we can find a way to help you!

reach out to us

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